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Mistress Katrina enjoys nothing more than inflicting torture on her helpless slaves. She especially enjoys cock and bal torture or playing with her extremely evil nipple clamps. Watch the cocks burn, be clamped, electrocuted and beaten. There is even a castration fantasy video.
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Enjoy traditional Corporal Punishment as Katrina takes her unwitting slaves back to their school days and administers a severe beating. CP videos are available from the more erotic to the sadistic. Watch slaves being punished for their misdemeanours.
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Katrina also demands to be pleasured. Watch as slaves are forced into dressing as a girl for lesbian frolics and others are made to worship the Mistresses cock. If they do not meet the high standards they will get face fucked. And then if Mistress is really in need of pleasure, you can watch as she fucks them over the pommel horse.
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Enjoy both fantasy and real life sessions. Some videos are based on real sessions that Mistress Katrina has experienced whilst other, more severe videos are a product of her evil imagination. What if she had run a wartime prison camp? What would happen if you picked her up at a party and got invited for coffee??  Sometimes  sensual, sometimes cruel, but whatever your taste we have you covered. Join now and see hours of original  content.  Click the image at left to see a sample clip... then join us for the ride of your life!

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